Vehicle fires that occur in minor impacts, or from no impact at all, are occurring without any attention. These are potentially life-threatening events if an occupant is not able to escape.

In a Twitter post earlier today, police stood before their camera and expressed a warning about losing control on the icy highways. A passenger vehicle had lost control and spun out into a Jersey barrier on Highway 401 near Winston Churchill Blvd. In the background of the Twitter video was the vehicle that had caught fire after being struck by a transport truck. While the impact was not insignificant it should not have resulted in the fire that occurred.

While police express concern about loss of control on icy roads no one warns of the fire that erupted.

The fire was sufficient such that a fatality could have occurred if the driver was unable to exit the vehicle. Thus this was a significant danger that needed to be highlighted.

The fire was sufficient such that, if the driver was unable to escape in time this would have been a fatality.

Meanwhile at another location along Highway 401 near Windsor another vehicle had caught fire without any apparent impact. It was reported that the vehicle had just be newly purchased but no explanation was provided as to why the fire erupted.

A newly purchased vehicle caught fire on the side of Highway 401 near Windsor without much concern.

In another incident that occurred a could of days ago in Toronto, a vehicle burst into flames while just sitting in the owner’s driveway. Similarly no information was provided as to how the fire could have started.

This vehicle erupted into flames while just sitting in a Toronto driveway.

Meanwhile, in an earlier post of January 25, 2019 we showed the result below where a minor collision with a transit bus in London, Ontario resulted in a similar eruption of flames for no known reason.

These events are not just occurring locally. On January 31, 2019 a fire erupted among some parked cars in a Newark Airport garage and 12 vehicles were destroyed. In Nova Scotia a number of parked school buses were destroyed in an unexplained fire on December 22, 2018.

A number of parked school buses were destroyed in Nova Scotia without any indication of the cause.

These events have been documented even without much searching in the various news media. Yet no one appears to what to address the issue.