There must be some further reason why a massive police presence was required when a vehicle was found stopped in a Highway 3 ditch near Windsor yesterday.

The Windsor Star newspaper reported that two occupants fled after their vehicle “rollover” in a ditch of Highway 3 near Walker Road near Windsor, Ontario. The newspaper showed that a massive presence of police, including search dogs and  an emergency response team, was engaged in locating the fleeing persons.

The problem is that photos of the vehicle did not show that it had rolled over. There was no damage to the typical areas of the vehicle that would signify such a rollover. If a rollover occurred it would have to be a very minor, low-speed incident. If such a massive response was needed for every situation where a single vehicle travelled into a ditch we would certainly run out of police to handle any other incident.

It would seem that the reason for the large police response was something beyond the simple traffic mishap. But that fact has not been disclosed.