This photo is (apparently) not a gimmick. It is the actual trajectory of a polish car that was recreated by a collision reconstructionist from a short video clip taken by bystander yesterday. The car reportedly struck a tree on the far side of the roundabout and then flew into the wall near, or of, a church in a town in Poland.

The video, which seems to have been taken by a bystander, has made the internet rounds and eventually made its way to the International Collision Reconstructionists (INCR) chat group. Seems some of our fellow associates have some time on their hands and have decided to estimate the vehicle’s launch speed.  It is a common method of determining vehicle speed by examining the launch angle and flight distance. This is no different that artillery personnel who adjust the angle of a canon to direct a shell onto an enemy location. The particular reconstructionist who posted this photo is internationally known and experienced in the community but we will not post his name here due to the chat group’s confidentiality agreement. He, and perhaps others in the group, is working on a solution that will determine the vehicle’s speed. All for interest only. It is not known whether the driver survived but all things are possible.