No photos were available nor were any details provided yet another motorist was killed when a vehicle caught fire after striking a pole on Dufferin Street in Vaughan, Ontario at approximately 0130 hours this morning. CP24 News reported that “Investigators were out on the street …tracing the tire marks of the vehicle as it veered off the roadway”. Yet there was no indication that investigators conducted any inquiry as to why the vehicle caught fire. And none of the official news reporting agencies could confirm whether the driver died from the impact with the pole or due to the subsequent fire.

In a separate incident that occurred just a few hours earlier, a truck became engulfed in flames in the eastbound lanes of the QEW in Oakville, Again, nothing was said about how or why the fire started. The greatest concern appeared to be that the fire was causing a traffic tie-up.

These incidents indicate the extent to which no one is paying attention to vehicle fires even though some may be resulting is gruesome consequences.