Two video projects have now been created from our video documentation at the Blackfriars Bridge of May 29, 2022. Each project contains a selection of five video camera views focusing on two areas of interest.

In the first project, “Users of the TVP” camera views were selected that would show how users of the Thames Valley Parkway (TVP) travelled near the crossing at the east end of the Blackfriars Bridge. A frame from that project is shown below.

This is a frame taken from the “Users of TVP” project showing the status of the site at timecode 00;26;28;30.

In the second project, “EB Vehicles”, the focus was on tracking the approach of eastbound motor vehicles as they crossed Blackfriars Bridge and approached the TVP crossing. A frame from that project is shown below.

This frame was taken from the “EB Vehicles” project at timecode 00;24;39;40.

Although additional segments of video need to be added to extend the projects to their full, 2 hours sessions, the analysis is essentially ready to begin. A great amount of detail can be pulled from these projects but the analysis is also time-consuming. As a preliminary task we will probably conduct a single analysis of counting how many eastbound vehicles have been observed crossing the bridge without conducting any analysis of their speeds. Our general observations while at the site suggested that there were a small number of such vehicles.

Conducting a count of the “Users of the TVP” is likely to be more difficult as there were far more users than eastbound vehicles. Our video cameras will allow for calculations of speed of all these users but then again this will be time-consuming so it will not be attempted in the near future.

It is expected that (at least) a second videotaping session will take place, possibly as early as Thursday, June 2, 2022. This session will need to take place near the afternoon peak hours, perhaps between 1530 and 1730 hours. The first session was conducted on a Sunday afternoon so it will be important to also obtain data from a workday.