Upon a review of applicants a City of London striking committee has appointed Zygmunt M. Gorski to membership in two of its advisory committees.

Zygmunt M. Gorski has been appointed to two City of London advisory committees commencing in 2019.

The Community Safety and Crime Prevention Advisory Committee “…serves as a resource, information gathering and advisory body to the Municipal Council on matters pertaining to safety and crime prevention in the City of London”.

The Transportation Advisory Committee “…will advise and support City Council in the implementation of the City’s Transportation Master Plan (TMP), including the Active Transportation and Transportation Demand Manage(with the exception of the cycling components of these City plans and programs), and the London Road Safety Strategy (LRSS) aspects…”

As Zyg Gorski has been involved in the road safety research and accident reconstruction fields for the past 39 years these appointments should prove beneficial to the City’s operations. Zyg Gorski has been involved in the technical analysis of a variety of transportation incidents that have required a detailed evaluation of expert reports, uncovering of objective evidence and the technical analysis of these incidents. The public’s protection, whether from criminal acts or via inadvertent circumstances that develop in transportation are vitally important to any community. The causes of these drains on the public’s welfare are complicated and require a patient evaluation of all potential sources.