This is a view, taken on October 5, 2022, looking south along Colborne Street toward St James Street in London, Ontario. The video camera shown here is one of several that were positioned within a 130 metre distance to document the speed and volume of traffic on Colborne

Three videotaping sessions have been completed by Gorski Consulting on Colborne Street just north of Oxford Street in London. Sessions were completed on September 20th, September 30th and October 5, 2022.

The impetus for this study was the result of Dr. Colin Evans who contacted me with an inquiry whether I would consider conducting a traffic study on Colborne Street. Details are still unknown but Dr. Evans works with the London Health Sciences Centre and appears to be interested in the decision by the City of London to develop a “paint only” cycling lane along Colborne Street north of Oxford Street in London. A protected cycling lane already exists on Colborne proceeding northward to Oxford however the decision to create an non-protected lane north of Oxford has raised the concerns of some. While I already had thoughts of performing such a study it was Dr. Evans who caused that thought to develop into action.

In the first session which occurred on September 20th, Dr. Evans also invited another person who has been interested in cycling safety in London. Andrew Hunniford, the manager/partner of the London Bicycle Café also attended. This was our first meeting and we got through introductions quickly before the videotaping commenced.

Since this inaugural meeting Dr. Evans indicated that he had arranged to have a number of other doctors to join in the study. So we now have the beginnings of a group who are interested in gathering objective data. I hope to be conducting some training sessions so the participants can become familiar with the procedures. Once this occurs it may be that the time-consuming process of conducting the video analysis will be sped up. Preliminary results from these sessions are likely to be posted on this website within the week. Please stay tuned to these developments.