Official news agencies continue to report on various mysterious vehicular drownings  where bodies are found inside submerged vehicles yet no questions are asked. While Gorski Consulting  does not have access to any official counts, at least three persons have likely drowned in the last day or two.

Yesterday, July 3rd, 2019, two bodies were found in a vehicle that reportedly drove into Lake Ontario at LaSalle Park in Burlington, Ontario. The vehicle reportedly “crashed through a concrete barrier” before plunging into the water, landing “40 to 50 feet” beyond the water edge. Yet, photos showing the vehicle being lifted out of the water showed no significant evidence of damage that would support the information that the vehicle crashed through a concrete barrier. A glancing contact to a concrete structure might have occurred but without more detailed information it is unclear what transpired.

At a similar time the OPP in Grey County were reportedly called to Gray Road 25, just west of Hihgway 6 where they reportedly found a submerged vehicle with a body inside.Investigators were apparently unclear as to which direction the vehicle was travelling when it left the roadway. No information about the identity of the deceased was provided nor how the incident occurred.

It was only about two weeks ago, on June 17th, that three teenagers perished when their vehicle became submerged in a roadside ditch near Leamington. No meaningful information was provided as to how that incident occurred. At a similar time, on Jun 17th, two bodies were found in a submerged vehicle in the Murray Canal southeast of Peterborough, Ontario.

In most of these deadly incidents there is rarely any information as to how persons came to their deaths. Even basic photos of the exterior of the vehicles are often unavailable nor are any meaningful photos shown of any potential evidence at the sites where the vehicles enter the water.

Even when a vehicle enters deeper water it often does not sink directly to the bottom but stays afloat, often for several minutes. In those minutes occupants might have an opportunity to escape. Yet no information is provided as to why such escapes have been unsuccessful.

Clearly there are many questions that need to be asked and answered. But the level of concern toward the plight of these innocent lost lives appears to be as low as the bottoms of the waters in which they are found.