The Road Data webpage of this Gorski Consulting site has been updated with new data from testing along Veterans Memorial Parkway, Highway 401 and Highbury Ave in London, Ontario.

As expected the data indicates the relatively smooth surface conditions along southbound Veterans Memorial Parkway from Tartan Drive up to Highway 401. This is partly due to the recent repaving of that section of road in 2016 and 2017. Similarly, smooth surface conditions existed along westbound Highway 401 between Veterans Memorial Parkway and Highbury Ave.

It has been well known that Highbury Ave is not very pleasant to drive between Highway 401 and Hamilton Road, either southbound or northbound. Part of the discomfort is due to the uneven concrete surface. Testing southbound between Hwy 401 and Commissioners Road confirmed those perceptions as the lateral motion of the test vehicle was substantially greater than along the other two highways. This is despite the fact that the worse area, located southbound from just south of the Thames River bridge, has not yet been tested.

The results of the testing re-affirm the accuracy of the testing procedures. Multiple video cameras continue to be used to document the specific surfaces where the motion data is being sensed. This allows for very specific information on what disturbances to the test vehicle have caused that motion. This greater detail is not included in the Road Data file for obvious reasons that its complexity and detail cannot be uploaded to a website. However the additional details are available to the public who want to know those details. Simply contact Gorski Consulting via our website or on Twitter (@crashologist).