Results from travelling eastbound over the CN rail crossing of Hardy Road in Brantford Ontario.

The results are now in from the testing that was conducted on the CN rail crossing of Hardy Road in Brantford, Ontario.

The Brantford Expositor newspaper had run a story regarding complaints by local residents regarding the “deplorable” condition of the CN rail crossing at Hardy Road in Brantford. Gorski Consulting visited the site on July 23, 2018 and testing was done to determine the effect that the crossing had on the motion of a test vehicle.

As shown in the above chart there was considerable longitudinal and lateral motion caused to the test vehicle travelling eastbound at just 28 km/h. The standard deviation of the Longitudinal Rotation was 0.0979 radians per seconds, while the standard deviation of the Lateral Rotation was 0.1744 radians per second. These values can be compared to the data shown on the Road Data webpage of this Gorski Consulting website.

The motion caused when travelling westbound was not as dramatic, as demonstrated in the chart below.

Results from westbound travel over the CN rail crossing on Hardy Road in Brantford.

For the westbound test the standard deviation in the Longitudinal Rotation was 0.0642 radians per second whereas the standard deviation in the Lateral Rotation was 0.0985 radians per second.

Three tests were performed in each direction. The results of the other tests will not be shown here but will be posted shortly in the Road Data database on this website.