While the OPP are helpful in submitting basic photos of the collision sites they investigate, there is an apparent lack of information provided by all police forces regarding the large number of post-collision fires that are occurring in the region. In the example shown above the presence of the fire is obvious from the photo but there has been no acknowledgment of police that a fire could be very dangerous even after all safety devices have be successful in preventing a death or serious injury.

The above incident reportedly occurred on September 30, 2020 at Perth County Road 135 and Line 44. OPP indicated that there were “No serious injuries”. However in many serious collisions doors can become jammed or occupants can become entrapped by deformation thus preventing escape from a post-collision vehicle. If a fire were to start, in many cases, the only hope is for emergency personnel to arrive in time to free an occupant. But if emergency personnel do not arrive in time, or if the extrication procedures become complicated, an occupant could be trapped without the possibility of escape. This is a real concern that cannot be avoided by silence. Steps must  be taken to identify the numbers of post-collisions fires and why they seem to be occurring more often.