Gorski Consulting

Gorski Consulting is a forensic motor vehicle accident reconstruction firm offering expert analysis and opinion to the legal, insurance, and private plaintiff/defendant communities for the resolution of civil and criminal litigation issues.

Since 1980, Zygmunt Gorski, the principal of the firm, has worked in the safety research and accident reconstruction fields. He has provided reconstruction analysis and expert opinions and testimonies for hundreds of vehicle accidents.

Recent Posts

Unexplained Fatality in Minor Frontal Impact in Brampton

No explanation has been provided as to why a 53-year-old Brampton man died as a result of a minor frontal impact with a small wall on Garryoaks Drive in Brampton, Ontario this morning. Official news agencies indicate that police have not determined what caused the...

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Lest We Forget: 6 Seat-Belted Dead, 3 Un-Belted Survive

  In 1976 the Province of Ontario enacted legislation requiring the use of seat-belts. On a wintery April in 1979, a church-going family of six adults put on their seat-belts and set out in their Oldsmobile on Highway 2 west of Woodstock, Ontario. They became involved...

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Hwy 407 Tanker Truck Fire – Further Analysis

Constable Kerry Schmidt, speaking on behalf of the OPP investigation into the fiery tanker truck collision of yesterday, reported that investigators now believe that both of the vehicles that were engulfed by the fire on Highway 407 on the outskirts of Toronto were...

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Highway 407 Tanker Truck Fire – Dashcam Analysis

Two obvious issues needed to addressed from yesterday's explosive fire that erupted when a tanker truck crossed over a concrete median barrier on Highway 407 between Keele and Dufferin Streets on the outskirts of Toronto, Ontario. A driver's dashcam captured the...

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