Gorski Consulting

Gorski Consulting is a forensic motor vehicle accident reconstruction firm offering expert analysis and opinion to the legal, insurance, and private plaintiff/defendant communities for the resolution of civil and criminal litigation issues.

Since 1980, Zygmunt Gorski, the principal of the firm, has worked in the safety research and accident reconstruction fields. He has provided reconstruction analysis and expert opinions and testimonies for hundreds of vehicle accidents.

Recent Posts

Bus Crash Optics Need Better Optometrist?

A slightly faster speed could have led to multiple fatalities in a 1971 bus crash but no one noticed. Even now a photo of the incident was only a novelty for the public's amusement. The Hamilton Spectator Newspaper reached into it archive photo footage today to reveal...

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Guilty Pleas To Avoid Public Awareness

The recent quiet guilty plea of an SNC Lavalin executive is an example of the newest way to keep the public in the dark. The CBC's Elizabeth Thompson reported that Normand Morin, former vice-president of Lavalin pled guilty to five charges of contravening Canada's...

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Humboldt Broncos Tragedy Doubled By Silence

It is vitally important to understand what factors led to the tragic deaths and injuries in the Humboldt Broncos bus crash in the Canadian Province of Saskatchewan on April 7, 2018. Previous collisions are an early warning that, if ignored, lead to current ones. And...

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Headlight Performance & Cost May Surprise You

An article in the November 29, 2018 Status Report of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) may be surprising with respect to the performance and costs of new headlights. The IIHS studies show the poor performance of headlights on some new car models from a...

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