Gorski Consulting

Gorski Consulting is a forensic motor vehicle accident reconstruction firm offering expert analysis and opinion to the legal, insurance, and private plaintiff/defendant communities for the resolution of civil and criminal litigation issues.

Since 1980, Zygmunt Gorski, the principal of the firm, has worked in the safety research and accident reconstruction fields. He has provided reconstruction analysis and expert opinions and testimonies for hundreds of vehicle accidents.

Recent Posts

Some Collision Scenarios Are Challenging

There are some collisions scenarios where seat-belts, air bags and crumple zones will not help, but there are still escape routes! The above photo demonstrates that, despite the propaganda, there are limits to what vehicle safety design engineers can accomplish to...

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Additional Road Data From Westbound Highway 401 Testing

What road surface conditions could make our vehicle go out of control and kill us? That should be an important issue to anyone who travels on any roadway. Gorski Consulting has been gathering data on this issue for the past 5 years and this has been posted on the Road...

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Preliminary Road Data For Westbound Highway 401

Preliminary results are available from road surface testing of westbound Highway 401 conducted on May 5, 2019. The full testing commenced at Wonderland Road to Tilbury, Ontario and then the test vehicle turned around and continued from Tilbury back to Highbury Ave in...

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OPP and News Media Sensationalism is Not a Virtue

The public must be able to depend on police and news media to report facts much like Sergeant Joe Friday in the 1950s and 60s TV show "Dragnet". "Just the facts ma'am" was a popular phrase attached to Jack Webb, the actor who portrayed Friday. While it was a fictional...

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Roadway Surface Safety Problems Are Not Just Potholes

Influences of the road surface and geometry toward motor vehicle collisions are not easily detected. They are not restricted to the seemingly innocuous reference to "potholes" used in popular, public, news media. While the popular Canadian Automobile Association...

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